Our customers know the advantages of first class Textile Wallcoverings and have an artistic as well as creative character. Driven by the passion to create something impressive and beautiful they place great emphasis on the appearance of our demanding products. The range of application varies form public institutions such as museums and theatres, business buildings, hotels up to demanding private landlords.

We established an extensive global distribution network during the last 30 years and are permanently active to take care if it. Our main ambition is long-lasting and fair partnerships, which are characterized by mutual success. For decades loyal customers are a special pleasure to us and affirm us in our daily business.

The foundation of all our business relations is our excellent reputation and the mutual trust in each other. The legal basis of a contract is our general terms and conditions (GTC). Neither exclusivity agreements for our products for certain markets nor an external production of Textile Wallcoverings under our brand name is part of our business philosophy.

Together with our partners and according to our vision we like to decorate buildings in each country of the world with Textile Wallcoverings made by Desima.

If you are interested to sell Desima products in your market please feel free to contact us.


Austria . Belgium . Bulgaria . Czech Republic . Estonia . Finland . France . Germany . Great Britain . Greece . Hungary . Ireland . Italy . Latvia . Lichtenstein . Lithuania . Luxembourg . Netherlands . Norway . Poland . Portugal . Romania . Slovakia . Slovenia . Spain . Switzerland


Bahrain . Egypt . Iran . Israel . Lebanon . Madagascar . Morocco . Qatar . Saudi Araba . Seychelles . South Africa . Syria . Togo . Tunesia . United Arab Emirates


Belize . Brazil . Canada . Chile . Dominican Republic . Mexico . Trinidad & Tobago . United States


Azerbaijan . Belarus . China . Georgia . Hongkong . India . Japan . Kazakhstan . Korean Republic . Kuwait . Malaysia . Moldova Republic . Pakistan . Russia . Singapore . Taiwan . Thailand . Turkey . Ukraine . Usbekistan . Vietnam