Textile Wallcoverings

Decades of experience and a permanent effort in further improvements are the foundation of our success. Textile Wallcoverings made by Desima present many advantages:


Numerous people worldwide appreciate the extraordinary appearance and impression of our Textile Wallcoverings. Our selected designs combined with organic fabrics such as Viscose, Linen or Silk create by their wonderful natural inhomogeneity a unique harmony. Decorators can hereby place a decent emphasis to a location or simply support a comfortable atmosphere.

Product Information

Our Textile Wallcoverings consist of a Viscose basis which is combined with noble natural fabrics such as Viscose, Linen or Silk. This organic structure is very long-lasting and contributes to a pleasant indoor climate.


As usual we produce our Wallcoverings with skilled labours in precise manual work at our production facility in Salem in Germany. Permanent quality checks during the production processes guaranty first class products for our demanding customers. The product quality is besides reliability the main important factor in the selection of our suppliers and partners.


Skilled craftsmen can simply and efficiently process our products. This can be an enormous advantage for the refurbishment of private mansions or intensely used hotel rooms. Craftsmen value Textile Wallcoverings from Desima for its practical benefits. A video clip illustrates these advantages:


The required safety standards are already respected by Desima during the design phase and material selection for our products. All our Collections comply with the required Brandschutznorm.